Wyndham Park Infant School

This workshop was undertaken as part of a commission to produce both internal and external glass components for a large scale fishtank in the new Children’s Outpatients Department at Salisbury Hospital. Michelle worked alongside fellow glass artist Fabrizia Bazzo to plan and execute workshops for Reception and Year 1 children at Wyndham Park Infants School in Salisbury. Throughout one day, Fabrizia and Michelle gave repeated workshops to approximately 90 children.

In order to facilitate the design of the glass for the fishtank, the children were asked to make paper collages of brightly coloured fish and coral. These were then trapped within acetates and constructed into three dimensional fish tank maquettes. To capture the children’s  imagination they were first shown various mood boards and an exciting DVD depicting the world beneath the sea. 

The children also worked with clay to create models of sea life and coral. The day produced exciting results and inspiration for Fabrizia and Michelle to use in their design. Some of the actual images created on the day were used in the finished designs.

Below are some of the images that the children created prior to them being made into the three dimensional fishtank models, and some clay work completed with the children.

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