After studying for her BA (Hons) in Decorative Arts, Michelle undertook a further two years at The International Glass Centre in the West Midlands. On completion Michelle Keeling Glass was established in 2005, producing distinctive architectural glass, art glass wall panels, sculptural and functional interior accessories, and unique glass jewellery.

Inspired by the challenges of new projects, Michelle predominantly works to commission on bespoke projects for offices and residential properties, in addition to working as a freelance curator on a number of high profile exhibitions.


Originally inspired by the glacial environments she experienced in New Zealand, Michelle began using broken pieces of glass to translate the similarities seen between the ice and glass. This experimentation gradually developed into the unique range of work available today. The distinctive pieces either make use of the glass itself as inclusions to create textural pieces, or incorporate metal based inclusions fired at a high temperature and the edges highly polished to create the illusion of a single sheet of glass. The beauty of the method of production Michelle uses, sometimes assembling directly into the kiln, means that although shapes and styles of work can be repeated, no two finished pieces are ever the same.


Although noted for the distinct style of work shown throughout the site, another draw of working with Michelle is her expertise of other glass techniques. Fusing, slumping and edge polishing are undertaken to create this current body of work. However, additional techniques such as etching, sandblasting and casting can be employed upon request.

Michelle offers a complete art and design service, with a network of reliable contractors to fulfil necessary aspects of projects, such as bespoke metal work or safety laminating.

Michelle personally ensures that all aspects of a commission are dealt with to a high standard, and thus is hands-on involved from conception, through production to installation.