Michelle draws great enjoyment from translating her work to fit specific homes, offices or public spaces – responding to customer’s input, needs and styles to create individual commissioned pieces. From kitchen and bathroom splashbacks, to door handles and wall art, the applications are endless. In addition to the range of applications, the beauty of working with Michelle to commission is the ability to be part of the process.

Describing Michelle as a ‘real find’ Jane Rogers, Office Manager at Graphite Capital Management LLP stated: “Her approach to, and ideas for, the main piece were enthusiastic and innovative, and the fact that she works in such a ‘hands-on’ way meant that she kept us informed of the progress of the pieces all the way through the process. Her designs and the finished pieces are of a very high standard, and have truly enhanced our office space”

Contact Michelle on or +44 (0) 7966 425 904 to discuss your requirements